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Power for Generations

We deliver world-class renewable energy systems to the benefit of all our stakeholders - present and future.

Who We Are

Venn Energy is a developer of high quality renewable energy assets in major growth markets around the world.

The Venn team combines exceptional expertise, deep market knowledge, and decades of experience to create significant long term value for our shareholders, local partners, and communities.

Our business model is truly differentiated, designed to take advantage of the worldwide transition of utility-scale renewable energy towards grid parity.

We are singularly focused on developing and investing in projects with solid development fundamentals, in subsidy-free markets, with multiple potential revenue streams.

Who we are

Venn Energy's team has successfully delivered over 1,200 MW of Projects over four continents.

Over $1.8bil USD in project value.

What we do

What We Do

Venn Energy’s primary focus is securing renewable energy projects with manageable risk characteristics, where we can build incremental value within predictable timeframes, in markets with direct commercialization paths.

Venn Energy works under an international standard of development management from end-to-end. From initial project origination through to exit, our team of professionals directly manages the full spectrum of development activities, incorporating strong partners throughout the value chain.

We have built our business around establishing mutually successful long term relationships with local partners and their communities. Our close collaboration with local stakeholders at every stage of development is fundamental to our business and our ethos.


The Venn Energy management team has developed over 100 projects to advanced stages globally, successfully delivering over 1.2 GW of renewable energy projects valued at over $1.8bil USD. Our team brings exceptional expertise in renewable energy project development, M&A, finance, risk management, construction, and asset management.

Venn Energy is a young, dynamic, and driven company built on decades of industry experience originating, developing, financing, and constructing large-scale renewable energy projects. Our team has operated in most major developed and emerging markets around the globe - establishing and maintaining valuable long-term strategic partnerships with local developers in all our markets.

Geoff Stoker-Lavelle

Over 10 years executive level experience in the industry. Prior to founding Venn, Geoff transformed an Ontario-based solar developer into a major global solar development firm. He has successfully delivered projects on four continents.

Geoff is responsible for Venn's investment and business development activities.

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Geoff Stoker-Lavelle
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Emilio Marconell
Naveed Amirzada

Over 12 years executive level experience in the industry. Prior to founding Venn, Naveed ran international development for one of the world's largest solar developers. Prior, Naveed managed development and infrastructure for CPV in Canada.

Naveed is responsible for Venn's  deal origination and development activities.

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Naveed Amirzada
Muren Guler
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Muren Guler

Development Platforms

Venn Energy operates in stable high-growth global markets where privatized power sectors drive development based on market economics rather than policy-reliant programs. Venn Energy balances its portfolio with select major markets undergoing power sector privatization with reliable opportunity for rapid deployment and scaleability.

We have established platforms in these markets in order to fund development, form strategic partnerships, and build high-value asset-backed project portfolios.

Sydney Opera House

Australia is one of the world's only triple A markets, and one of the fastest growing solar markets in the world. Expedited development processes now open the door for wide-scale development, with new contracting models a very attractive picture of project economics.


Ruined Ancient Architecture

The countries of Western Europe are showing massive new development growth. Driven by the low cost of installation and continued market liberalization, European countries are leading the way on new un-subsidized business models.


Church in Brazil

Chile, one of the early movers in solar development, is seeing another boom with rapid development approvals of small producer projects. Venn is targeting projects in this niche.

In Argentina, the newly opened energy market for private PPAs is presenting exciting new opportunity.


Development Platforms

Venn Energy is developing world-class renewable energy platforms in the fastest growing and most economically attractive privatized power markets in the world.

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